School of Information and Data Sciences, Nagasaki University

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Research Activities

Staff Introduction

Jiaming Jiang
  • Institute of Integrated Science and Technology, Assistant Professor
  • School of Information and Data Sciences, Assistant Professor
  • Doctor(Economics)
Researcher number
Date of arrival
Oct. 2023
Areas of Research
Corporate innovation,Statistics,Microeconomics
Jul. 2013
B.A in International Accounting, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, China
Mar. 2016
M.A in economics, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Science, Okayama University
Mar. 2020
PhD in economics, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Science, Okayama University
Apr. 2020
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Science, Okayama University
Dec. 2022
Assistant Professor, Center for Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Data Science, Okayama University
Oct. 2023
Assistant Professor, School of Information and Data Science, Nagasaki University

Research activities

 A study of intellectual property strategies for green innovation using patent statistics data.
Identify green technology categories from patent data using text mining method and international patent classification. Analyze the competitive advantage and evolutionary process of green innovation of industries and companies in major countries using social network analysis method and econometrics. Introduce the Bayesian network analysis method to clarify issues related to green patent acquisition strategies. The WIPO Green Platform and the Japan Patent Office’s Green Transformation Technology Classification Table (GXTI) will also be used to determine how to identify Green Technology.
Social network model
Bayesian network 1
Bayesian network 2
 Creation of technology for integrated analysis of a large variety of patent documents scattered throughout various countries.
Collect and organize patent-related information from the patent office databases of major countries, striving to build the databases needed for analysis. This study will explore visualization approaches and add economic analysis and international comparisons. By using artificial intelligence technology to analyze a large volume of patents’ documents, this study aims to develop a unified technology for analyzing groups of documents written in different languages and backgrounds.

Educational activities

Information and Data Sciences: