School of Information and Data Sciences, Nagasaki University

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Research Activities

Staff IntroductionStaff Introduction

Institute of Integrated Science and Technology, Professor School of Information and Data Sciences, Professor
Researcher number
Date of arrival
May, 1st, 2022
Areas of Research
IT Governance, Credit Risk, Marketing Science
State University of New York, College at Buffalo, magna cum laude, Bachelor of Science
University of California at Los Angeles Graduate School of Management, MBA
Goldman Sachs & Co., Ltd. Equity Sales, Vice President
University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Systems Management, Ph.D.
Akita Prefectural University, Department of Management Science and Engineering, Professor

Research activities

 IT Governance IT-Business Alignment
 A new IT governance model will be proposed, based on the conventional model and the knowledge obtained from this research on the consistency of business strategy and IT strategy, which are connected with the uniqueness of the organizational structure of Japanese companies. Empirical research will be conducted using data from questionnaire surveys conducted throughout Japan.
 Marketing Science
 Data on consumer purchasing factors are analyzed and are contributed to academic research and improvement of the market analysis ability of companies. Specifically, contact data with basic media such as watching TV programs, browsing websites, reading magazines and newspapers, product recognition rate, store contact rate, purchasing rate, multiple purchasing rate (repeat purchasing rate), etc. By using data on purchase intentions and actual purchases, I analyze how consumers came to purchase from the perspective of data science.
 Previous researches include:
  • Impact of new TV commercials on consumers (Haagen-Dazs)
  • Analysis on the effect of Time Shift Viewing on advertisement effect(Hyoketsu)
  • Technology Acceptance of QR Code Payment and Its Effective Advertisement Media for Multi-Channel Customers (PayPay)
  • Searching for an effective marketing in the food supplement industry in Japan
  • Proposal of a food recommendation model for the elderly market using collaborative filtering method

Educational activities

School of Information and Data Sciences:
First-year Seminar, Project Based Learning on Practical Problems A-D, Technical English Ⅲ, Business Administration, Industrial Eeconomics, Research Project
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