School of Information and Data Sciences, Nagasaki University

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Research Activities

Staff Introduction

Byungdug JUN
  • Institute of Integrated Science and Technology, Professor
  • School of Information and Data Sciences, Professor
  • Graduate school of engineering, Professor
  • Doctor(Engineering)
Researcher number
Date of arrival
Nagasaki University : Apr. 2001-
Area of Research
Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, GIS
Feb. 1980
Kangwon National University, Faculty of Engineering, Graduated
Feb. 1990
Kangwon National University, Master Course, Completed
Mar. 1994
Nagasaki University, Graduate School of Marine Science and Engineering, Doctor Course, Doctor of Engineering
Apr. 1994
Nagasaki University, Faculty of Engineering Full-time Lecturer/ Director of R&D, PECK Co. Ltd.
Apr. 2001
Nagasaki University, Faculty of Education, Associate Professor
Apr. 2001
Nagasaki University, Faculty of Education, Professor
Apr. 2015
Nagasaki University, General Support Center for Reginal Education, Vice Director Multicultural Coexistence Professor
Sep. 2017
DePaul University, Chicago, Researcher

Research activities

 With Remotely Sensed Data
Research Theme:Remotely Sensed Data (SAR)
How many damages were the Kumamoto earthquake? Remotely Sensed data of the before and after the earthquake, the displacements of the ground can be clearly captured.
 With Old Maps and photos
Research Theme:3D Simulation and Image Analysis (Photogrammetry)
Old Maps and old photographs are the roots for reforming old streets. Utilizing colorized black and white photos, the 3D street information can be distinguished.
From the aerial photographs stored in the National Archives of the United States, the real face of old town of Nagasaki city before the atomic bomb can be displayed.
With the house boxes from the old photographs, memories of the exotic cityscape of Nagasaki were revealed. “Memory decompression” can be realized with many medias.

Educational activities

School of Information and Data Sciences:
First-year Seminar, Exploratory Descriptive Statistics, Exercise on Basic Data Analysis, Social and Tourism Informatics Ⅱ, Research Project
Graduate School of Engineering:
Special Lecture on Numerical Analysis