School of Information and Data Sciences, Nagasaki University

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Research Activities

Staff Introduction

  • Institute of Integrated Science and Technology, Associate Professor
  • School of Information and Data Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Doctor(Science)
Researcher number
Date of arrival
Nagasaki University: Apr.2020-
Areas of Research
Bioinformatics, Molecular biology, Machine learning
Mar. 2011
the University of Tokyo, Department of Bioinformatics and System Biology, Graduated
Mar. 2013
the University of Tokyo, Department of Computational Biology, Master Course, Completed
Mar. 2016
the University of Tokyo, Department of Computational Biology and Medical Sciences, Doctor Course, Completed
Apr. 2016
RIKEN ACCC Bioinformatic Research Unit, Research Fellow of JSPS (PD)
Apr. 2019
RIKEN AIP Medical Image Analysis Team, Special Postdoctoral Researcher

Research activities

 Life science and Big data analysis
Innovative advances in various experimental techniques, such as DNA sequencing and genome editing, have made it possible to obtain high-throughput life science data. Our goal is to understand biological phenomena by applying information and mathematical theories to such large-scale data, and to contribute to regenerative medicine and personalized medicine.
 Single-cell RNA-seq analysis
We have developed novel algorithms for single-cell RNA sequencing data to understand
  • cellular differentiation process and expression dynamics
  • regulatory network
  • unannotated differentially expressed transcripts.
Reconstruction of differentiation process
Mathematical model for expression dynamics
 Parkinson’s disease related miRNA analysis
We have analyzed Parkinson’s disease specific miRNA sets to identify disease-associated metabolic pathway and understand disease mechanism.
This research is collaboration with Prof. Hattori Group at Juntendo University.

Educational activities

School of Information and Data Sciences:
First-year Seminar, Information Engineering Experiments Ⅲ, Research Project
Liberal Arts Education:
Introduction to Data Science, Introduction to Statistics